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Check off your entire aerial production list.

We provide all the equipment and personnel to complete your project. Wherever it may be, and in any format. Whether you’re shooting film, digital cinema, or HD we have the experienced pilots, aerial DPs, and technicians that will get you the shot.  



The majority of our work is done with helicopters, but our personnel have years of experience shooting from airplanes, blimps and suspended camera systems, like the Cablecam, as well.

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From aerial shots high above the New York City skyline to freefall photography taking you beyond the Hollywood Hills. And all the mountains and forests in between. Whatever your aerial production needs, we have the flight experience.

directors of photography

Airborne Images pulls the right elements together for any aerial production. From low-flying action sequences, to Super Bowls, to remote locations in the Alaskan tundra, our world class DPs get spectacular results.


camera systems

We match the demands of your shoot with high performance motion picture grade technology. Whatever your production needs, we'll get it onboard. Shot Over, GSS, Cineflex, Eclipse, we fly them all.

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